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What makes a good quality electronic product/pcba? There is no doubt that the application of components/parts on your electronic product/the PCBA part is the first critical factor. So components/parts procurement is the first gating item on quality control.
In BQC, we have strict components procurement processes from supplier selection to supplier approval, and we have a mature AVL system(approval vendor list).By consolidating various purchase orders through established relationships with our material suppliers, we are able to offer solutions and services to our clients with a more attractive and competitive price and better lead time. And by reviewing components price with suppliers regularly, we are able to keep well informed about the latest price of all components, to provide our clients the most competitive price.

Source channel selection
How we search and confirm the source channel reliablility? We always contact the original supplier directly, or contact the authorized representative directly from original supplier’s official website.

Cooperation agent list
AVNET, ARROW, Future, WPI, weikeng, etc..these are all world famous electronic components suppliers you ever heard, and they are our cooperation agent.

Independent supplier
For rush order or urgent demand, in order to meet customer’s harsh lead time, we firstly try our best to pull in components. But we might need to purchase parts from bulk market if it does not work. In this case, we have long term reliable independent components suppliers like CONVERGE, Mourser, Digikey, Compo-ic, etc..

Quality assurance letter
Purchase components from reliable suppliers is not enough, we request vendors to sign a Quality Assurance Letter for every component as a double guarantee.

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