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Industry News News > Industry News > What Caused The Failure Of PCBA Solder Joints?

What Caused The Failure Of PCBA Solder Joints?

Hits:1 Add Date:2018/10/22

The main reason for PCBA solder joint failure:

1, bad parts and components: plating, pollution, oxidation, coplanar;

2, bad PCB pad: coating, pollution, oxidation, warping;

3, solder quality defects: composition, impurities exceeded, oxidation;

4, flux quality defects: low flux, high corrosion, low SIR;

5, process parameter control defects: design, control, equipment;

6, other auxiliary material defects: adhesives, cleaning agents.

PCBA solder joint reliability improvement method:

The reliability experiment of PCBA solder joints, including reliability experiments and analysis, aims to evaluate and identify the reliability of PCBA integrated circuit devices and provide parameters for the reliability design of the whole machine.

On the other hand, it is to Improve the reliability of solder joints during PCBA processing. This requires the necessary analysis of failed products to identify the failure mode and analyze the cause of failure. The purpose is to correct and improve the design process, structural parameters, welding process and improve the yield of PCBA processing. PCBA solder joint failure mode The prediction of cycle life is very important and is the basis for establishing its mathematical model.

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