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The Enthusiasm Can Not be "basket", the "Net" Never Stop the Heartbeat

Hits:1 Add Date:2019/5/20
Chasing the May's zephyr and bathing in the summer sun, in such a vibrant season, it is accompanied with the hot summer days and the boiling blood of Baiqiancheng’s employees. Because May is a month that is destined to be basketball, and July is a festival of Baiqiancheng. The exciting competitions and exercises on the wide basketball ground are still in progress. The outdoor temperature has reached 30 C, in Shenzhen. However, the players on the court are still passionate. They quickly break through the ball and the fierce physical confrontation shows the players' gorgeous skills and good spirit. This is the spirit of Baiqiancheng,the perseverance, persistence, sharing and win-win. In order to show their talents in the factory celebrations in July, they are not afraid of the hot sun, and every three-point investment adds confidence to the July game. Black Tigers, yes!

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